Public Holidays of India in 2018

‘Where to travel?’ and ‘When to travel?’ are the two basic questions to be answered while making our travel plan. Where choosing the right time and duration is as important as selecting the place of travel; it is the proper combination of both that gives us some fulfilment of our expectation. Dropping our tour plan due to lack of required time and as well as a proper planning is quite a regular phenomenon. Things got worse when the most beautiful places seems to be dull for a wrongly chosen time of travel.Public Holidays

The ‘When to travel’ query is always influenced by numerous factors. Now a days, an urge to grab the best hotel deals, low cost flight deals or not so easily available railway tickets compel us to start planning our vacation quite early. At the same time, we need to align the timings with our professional and personal commitments. Further, the climatic and political conditions of our selected tourist destinations also play a major role while selecting the time of travel.ublic Holidays

Personally I have faced this kind of Tour Crashing Experience several times and hence started believing in exploration of the right combination of ‘Where’ and ‘When’. The initial planning for my vacation starts by scanning the date calendar and finding the ‘red’ marked days – the public holidays. Next thing, in my to do list is to check my office holiday list and calculate the types and number of off-days available to me. Once this is completed, I try to mix and match my innumerable ‘in-my-mind’ travel plans with the available timings and draft a probable list of vacations that can be undertaken.

Last weekend, I was having a quick look at the list of public holidays in 2018 and realized that the major holidays in 2018 are in weekdays, which is always beneficial. One or two day offs combined with these compulsory holidays gives me an opportunity to pack my bags and leave for a weekend trip or an extended vacation, as per the time available. I thought of sharing the list of holidays in 2018 with you all that may help you to plan for your vacations in 2018. 

List of Public Holidays in 2018 ideal for Vacations and Breaks

Date Day Public Holidays Vacation Type
30 Dec 2017 Saturday   Weekend trip
31 Dec 2017 Sunday  
01 Jan 2018 Monday New Years Day
26 Jan 2018 Friday Republic Day Weekend trip
27 Jan 2018 Saturday  
28 Jan 2018 Sunday  
01 Mar 2018 Thursday Holika Dahan Extended trip
02 Mar 2018 Friday Holi
03 Mar 2018 Saturday  
04 Mar 2018 Sunday  
29 Mar 2018 Thursday Mahavir Jayanti Extended trip
30 Mar 2018 Friday Good Friday
31 Mar 2018 Saturday  
01 Apr 2018 Sunday  
13 Apr 2018 Friday Vaisakhi / Bihu Weekend trip
14 Apr 2018 Saturday Bengal/Tamil New Year
15 Apr 2018 Sunday  
28 Apr 2018 Saturday   Extended trip
29 Apr 2018 Sunday  
30 Apr 2018 Monday  
01 May 2018 Tuesday Labour's Day
15 Jun 2018 Friday Idul-Fitr Weekend trip
16 Jun 2018 Saturday  
17 Jun 2018 Sunday  
24 Aug 2018 Friday Onam Weekend trip
25 Aug 2018 Saturday  
26 Aug 2018 Sunday  
01 Sep 2018 Saturday   Weekend trip
02 Sep 2018 Sunday  
03 Sep 2018 Monday Janmasthami
20 Sep 2018 Thursday Muharram Extended trip
21 Sep 2018 Friday  
22 Sep 2018 Saturday  
23 Sep 2018 Sunday  
29 Sep 2018 Saturday   Extended trip
30 Sep 2018 Sunday  
01 Oct 2018 Monday  
02 Oct 2018 Tuesday Gandhi Jayanti
13 Oct 2018 Saturday   Long vacation
14 Oct 2018 Sunday  
15 Oct 2018 Monday  
16 Oct 2018 Tuesday Dussehra – Saptami
17 Oct 2018 Wednesday Dussehra – Ashtami
18 Oct 2018 Thursday Dussehra – Navami
19 Oct 2018 Friday Dussehra
20 Oct 2018 Saturday  
21 Oct 2018 Sunday  
09 Nov 2018 Friday Bhai Duj Weekend trip
10 Nov 2018 Saturday  
11 Nov 2018 Sunday  
23 Nov 2018 Friday Guru Nanak Jayanti Weekend trip
24 Nov 2018 Saturday  
25 Nov 2018 Sunday  
22 Dec 2018 Saturday   Extended trip
23 Dec 2018 Sunday  
24 Dec 2018 Monday Christmas Eve
25 Dec 2018 Tuesday Christmas

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