Rohru, Himachal Pradesh

Branching off the Hindustan Tibet Road and by the bank of the river Pabbar, lies the town of Rohru. The town has witnessed a rapid growth in the past few years and today, it is an important economic and administrative centre. It is also a good location for fishing for trout on the Pabbar’s waters, sightseeing and trekking in the area. Built by the banks of the river Pabbar, the town is perfectly positioned for a variety of sightseeing, fishing and trekking in the area. The Rohru area is covered with apple orchards and forests and there are numerous walk and hike trails.

Fast Facts

Height: 1550 m

Climate: Summer is pleasant and cottons and light woollens are suggested. Winters are cold and heavy clothing is required. Through the rest of the year, light woollens are suggested.

Getting There & Away: How to reach Rohru

Road: Shimla is at a distance of 115 kms and Chandigarh is 233 kms away.

Rail: Kalka railway station is at a distance of 203 kms. Connected by the narrow gauge Kalka-Shimla railway, Shimla station is 115 kms away.

Air: Shimla airport is 140 kms away.

Tourist Attractions in Rohru

Trout fishing is available on the river Pabbar. Good spots are Seema, Sandasu, Tikri and Dhamwari.

Chirgaon (15 kms) is a scenic place that also has the trout hatchery.

Jubbal (31 kms) was the seat of an important princely state with the same name. The Jubbal palace is a fascinating structure that combines indigenous and European building styles.

Hatkoti (1,400 m, 11 kms) lies on the right bank of the river Pabbar; the classical temples of Hatkoti, executed in the nagara style are a major attraction. The primary temple is that of Devi Durga in her form of Mahishasuramardini, the slayer of the demon Mahisa who stalked the world in the form of a buffalo and the Devi is locally known as ‘Hateshwari’.

The picturesque spots of Kharapathar and Giri Ganga are accessible from Rohru. The latter is approached by a hike of 7 kms.

Chhaupari, past Rohru (19 kms) is scenically attractive place. This is a secluded spot and has a long ridge that holds a small temple. The view from this point is magnificent and there is a grand display of the neighbouring Uttaranchal, as well as those of Kinnaur.

Shri Shikhru Devta temple, within the heart of Rohru is held in high veneration by the local people.

Dodra and Kwar are separated by a few kilometres and remain one of the most secluded pockets of Himachal and have a fairly distinct sub-culture. The area has a rare beauty that has been largely preserved due to its seclusion. The trek route that leads to these villages passes through woods, open grasslands and flower filled meadows. With a backdrop of snow-capped mountains, the 45 kms trek from Tikri to Kwar goes through picturesque Larot, Chansal, Gajyani-Thach, Kalapani, Dodra and Gaon Pujari then steps over the Rupin stream at Gusangu to reach Kwar.

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