Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand

Corbett National Park covering an area of 521 sq. kms is situated at the foothills of the Himalayas. This is the oldest national park in India and was established in 1936 as Hailey National Park. It was renamed after Jim Corbett, the famous hunter turned conservationist and author. This National Park is a protected area for the endangered Bengal Tiger. The Ramganga River meandering its way through the park with deep pools and foaming rapids forms the main water source.

Fast Facts

Best time to Visit: Best period to visit is from November to June, mainly before and after heavy monsoons. It is the best time for spotting wild animals and also to enjoy the scenic surroundings.

Getting There & Away: How to reach Corbett National Park

Road: This place is well connected to major destinations of northern India.

Rail: Ramnagar is the nearest railway station at a distance of 86 kms.

Wild Life in Corbett National Park

The park is rich in wild life such as Elephant, Tiger, Panther, Bear, Deer, Wild Boar, Jungle Cats, Porcupine, Hyena and Jackal. Amongst the birds are the Peacock, Pheasant, Pigeon, Owl, Hornbill, Barbet, Lark, Myna, Magpie, Minivet, Patridge, Thrush, Tit, Nuthatch, Wagtail, Sunbird, Bunting, Oriole, Kingfisher, Drongo, Dove, Woodpecker, Duck, Teal, Eagle, Stork, Cormorant, Falcon, Bulbul, Flycatcher, Red Start and Gull. Amongst the reptiles are Python, Crocodile and many species of Lizards and Snakes. Tigers are fairly well distributed over the park. Sloth Bears are confined mainly to hilly areas.

Safari Zones in Corbett National Park

Jhirna: A densely wooded and grassland habitat, it makes for excellent bird watching.

Birjani: This forest range has a wide network of jungle roads, making is an excellent tiger sighting territory.

Dhikala: This is the largest and most varied zones in Corbett, offering the best opportunities for overnight stays.

Tourist Attractions in Corbett National Park

Safari: Wildlife Safari is the main attraction in Corbett National Park. Jeeps and Canters are available in all different zones of the park. All the procedures of Safari Booking are managed by the forest officials as per the guidelines of India’s forest department. The management of Corbett National Park has made it mandatory for all tourists to avail permission from the Park Officials in order to make a day visit. It is always advisable to book safaris prior to arrival, especially during the weekends as there are only 60 vehicles allowed inside the park at a time.

Jungle Museum (Corbett Home): Corbett Museum is the place where Jim Corbett stayed during winters and the museum has his famous books like ‘Man Eaters of Kumaon’. The museum also houses his personal items like gun, fishing net, cap, bag and some of his photographs with tigers.

Sitabani Forest Reserve: This site is a bird watchers’ paradise and has an Ashram tucked away in the jungle. This is an ideal place for wildlife photography.

Garjia Temple: There is a huge rock projecting out of the Kosi River bed. On the pinnacle is a beautiful temple of Durga Devi named as Garjia Devi. One has to climb a number of narrow stairs to reach the temple. An enchanting view of river Kosi can be seen from the top of the rock. It is a good place for bathing, basking, worship and lunch en-route to Corbett Park.

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